teacHER Love ® is proactively advocating for young girls while empowering women. We create inspirational media content and products, administer workshops/seminars, etiquette training & mentorship, along with other community programs and service projects to bring awareness to and educate others on the self-efficacy and societal demands of being a woman or young girl in the 21st century among other compelling issues. Additionally, to educate teacHER's on how to implement self-advocacy, our mission is to establish a foundation providing relevant life skills, specifically designed to help HER reach her full unadulterated potential… “See the YOU in HER!”


"See The YOU In HER"

"Live in Color, Dream in Texture

Friends at the Beach

July Monthly Holidays and Observances
American Artist Appreciation Month
Family Fun Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Make a Difference for Children Month
National Peach Month 
Purposeful Parenting Month

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