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teacHER Love®

MarTrice Jackson

My name is MarTrice Jackson, founder and owner of teacHER Love®. I am the wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, the sister of two incredible siblings, and the daughter of two amazing parents. I am a resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I am an educator with Broward County Public Schools, a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, a graduate student of Nova Southeastern University and an Alumna of Florida Atlantic University.

My passion for teaching started at an early age while coaching the local cheerleading team in my community. Education is the gateway to inevitable opportunities to decipher the potential, independence, and character of a human being. The diversity of the classroom teacher has evolved substantially within the last decade and as a teacher my mission has always been to fulfill the promise to ascertain that every student be given the necessities to succeed; that they are equipped to survive in an interdependent society and world.

About Us


"See the YOU in HER" & “Live in Color, Dream in Texture”—MarTrice Jackson (Founder of teacHER Love®)


The purpose of teacHER Love® is to proactively provide a platform, with the tools necessary to ingrain the principles and standards required as a woman into the investment of young girls. I’ve grown to appreciate the elements that measure the quality of one’s success. To work tirelessly to prepare, protect, and provide on behalf of the individuals we encounter, not for accolades or the income, but the OUTCOME in respective places is a goal, memory, and accomplishment. The most powerful tool we possess is our knowledge and without it, we are psychologically condemned and susceptible to becoming statistics.


TeacHER Love® is a clothing brand/movement for influential role models that have played a significant part in shaping and emphasizing the importance of love amongst the youth. A teacHER® is a universal noun/verb and without coherently knowing it, as mentors, coaches, counselors, etc., we all play a pivotal role in re-structuring the increment growth mind-set of our future generation of young girls mentally, emotionally, and physically in some aspect. The teacHER Love® initiative resonates compassion for other women who are likeminded, who have in essence empowered girls at some point to create social and ideological change within themselves and to be competent productive citizens of the future.

What to Look Forward to

As consumers, we want versatility, comfort and a unique sense of style within our wardrobe. With the creation of exclusive designs, there is nothing like your favorite t-shirt that makes you feel comfortable and confident, particularly on those days when just picking an outfit feels daunting; the message is clear and look personalized just for teacHER's. You can expect the highest standard of quality printing and authentic work that will speak for itself. Thank you for your continued love and support!

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